Organic Chocolate Bars

per box (12 Count)

Kid Power's #1 goal is to raise health-awareness in all areas of eating, by promoting the value of better food choices. Healthy eating means making better choices with every food, even chocolate! Kid Power's Organic Chocolate has a rich aromatic flavor and has impressed many chocolate lovers. The small bar is convenient for packing in lunches, taking to the office, or snacking on any time. Our chocolate has less sodium, sugar, and fat versus the traditional "candy bars". Plus our milk chocolate and dark chocolate are Gluten-Free! We think it’s the “Best Choice”, and we hope you do too.

Kid Power's Chocolate Bars are:

Certified organic by CCOF
Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA
Less sugar than most other chocolate bars
Convenient size
Gluten free

And comes in 4 different flavors. Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate w/ Almonds, Dark Chocolate, & Dark Chocolate w /Almonds.

Grab a box today and starting feeling better about making healthier choices while snacking!

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